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Carpooling can be a convenient and affordable way to get to work. Whether you want to find a carpool partner for just one day or for everyday, register for Destination Downtown and use the Ridematch service to find people with a similar commute to you.

To register the Trial Carpool Parking Permit you received from Destination Downtown or to apply for a Carpool Parking Permit, go to our online application.

Customize your Ride

c-tran_bike.A carpooling arrangement can be anything the participants decide. Carpoolers can use one car exclusively (and pay the driver an agreed-upon fee) or share the driving without any exchange of money. Schedules can be flexible: carpool every day of the week, on a specified day or days of the week, or vary from week to week. The size of your carpool can range from two people to any number that is convenient for your schedules and vehicles. A carpooling plan is designed by the carpoolers: democracy on wheels.

Carpooling can save money, reduce travel time (HOV lanes are designed for this), reduce stress, and help make new friends or get to know neighbors or coworkers even better.

Finding Fellow Carpoolers

  • Talk to your coworkers and neighbors. Some may live or work near you or near your route to work.
  • Your Destination Downtown account allows you to search for people who commute to and from similar locations as you, around the same time. If one seems like a good fit, you can contact them by email. Register or log in to the Commute Tracker, go to Ridematch and select “manage my trips” to get started.

Rules of the Road

Once you have found a carpool partner or partners, establish a few guidelines to ensure a successful arrangement.

  • Set policies on smoking, radio, waiting times, driving rotation, and cost sharing.
  • Draw up a schedule: will you be carpooling everyday, specific days of the week, or will the schedule vary?
  • Map out pick-up and drop-off points and times.
  • Set a plan for vacations or when someone becomes ill.
  • Develop and share a list of each participant’s name, address, phone number (home, work, cell). This information will be handy in case of emergency or change of plans.
  • Decide how much recordkeeping is necessary: mileage, gasoline, etc. This could prevent conflicts later.
  • Be flexible and agree that rules can be changed by a majority vote.

Sample Carpool Rules | Sample Carpool Agreement

Carpooling is smart, fun, flexible, efficient, economical, and easier than you think.