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Car sharing offers the convenience of a car without the hassle and expense of bringing one downtown. Some large workplaces provide shared cars. Zipcar also has offers a shared car in downtown Vancouver.

Car share members usually pay a one-time membership fee, and then pay for the use of the car based on an hourly or daily rate. Members do not pay for gas, insurance, maintenance, or other costs normally associated with owning a car. Reservations are easy to make and can be made online or over the phone, and (in the case of Zipcar) the car is unlocked by the driver’s membership card.

zipcar.Zipcar offers a car sharing service in the Portland/Vancouver region, with two cars located next to Esther Short Park downtown.

If you register for Destination Downtown, you'll get a special Zipcar coupon: Zipcar will waive the $25 application fee and give you $25 off your first year’s annual membership fee when you join Zipcar at