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Blue Ribbon Committee Helps to Shape Program

Since late 2008, a Blue Ribbon Committee comprising local business, government, and community leaders has been meeting regularly to discuss the feasibility of forming a Transportation Management Area (TMA) for downtown Vancouver. A  TMA or other such entity would coordinate the services, programs, and funding for a downtown trip reduction program.

At their monthly meetings, the Blue Ribbon Committee members have discussed the full range of issues related to forming a TMA, including: the nature and feasibility of a TMA for downtown Vancouver; the challenges and benefits of a TMA program; examples of TMAs from other communities; relation of a TMA to the Vancouver City Center Vision; problems of traffic congestion; issues related to parking; target goals for single-occupant-vehicle (SOV) rates; marketing, advocacy, incentives, and outreach to local businesses and employees; strategic partnerships; and options for funding a TMA through both private and public means.

The committee’s goal has been to develop consensus on whether or not to form a TMA.  If the group decides to move forward, they will define the coordinating entity to manage the TMA and identify short- and long-term funding mechanisms.

Participating members of the Blue Ribbon Committee include:

  • Colleen Boccia, Columbia Credit Union
  • Parker Cann, Columbia Credit Union
  • Pete Capell, Clark County Public Works
  • Todd Coleman, Port of Vancouver
  • Lee Coulthard, Vancouver’s Downtown Association
  • Carl Dobbs, Vancouver’s Downtown Association
  • Karin Ford, Fort Vancouver Regional Library
  • Linda Glover, Divine Consign
  • Jeff Hamm, C-Tran
  • Jeanne Harris, Councilmember, City of Vancouver
  • Roy Johnson, Vancouver Housing Authority
  • Elie Kassab, Prestige Development
  • Lance Killian, Killian Pacific
  • Ron Mah, Esther Short Neighborhood Association
  • Terry McCarthy, Esther Short Neighborhood Association
  • Pat McDonnell, City Manager, City of Vancouver
  • Roger Qualman, Norris Beggs Simpson
  • Jim Quintana, C-Tran
  • Josh Schlesinger, Schlesinger Properties
  • Mike Schlesinger, Schlesinger Properties
  • Phil Sheehan, Clark College
  • Bob & Gill Wallis, Wallis Engineering
  • Charlene Welch, Community Choices
  • Barbe West, Community Choices
  • Bob Williamson, Clark College
  • Members of the City of Vancouver City Manager's Office, Economic Development, Parking, and Transportation Services