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Volunteer committee helps to brainstorm project brand

The project logo for the "Destination Downtown" project, including the "Explore Your Options" tag line, were developed by a local volunteer group tasked with brainstorming an identifiable "brand" for the City of Vancouver's new trip reduction program.

The "Destination Downtown" tag was selected from a batch of potential project "brands" for its utility in highlighting the full scope of the project: identifying the downtown area as the program focus while emphasizing the area as a key daily destination for workers and business patrons.

The "Explore Your Options" tag line plays off Vancouver's historic role in the exploration of the Pacific Northwest while encouraging commuters to consider the variety of trip reduction options such as transit, walking, biking, and telecommuting.

Branding Committee members included: Lee Coulthard, Vancouver’s Downtown Association; Patrick Hildreth and Bryan Helfrich, Tribe 2 Studio; Temple Lentz; and Carl Dobbs, downtown activist.