Long-term parking options (5 hours or longer)

See this map for pricing and locations of long term parking lots, garages, and carpool, metered, and permitted stalls in downtown Vancouver. Pricing is subject to change.

Downtown employees are encouraged to park in long term parking to increase parking capacity for customers. By getting the right cars into the right spaces businesses can increase revenue and employee productivity. Read more about the benefits of parking management in the Employee Parking Handbook, developed in partnership with Destination Downtown, the City of Vancouver and Vancouver’s Downtown Association.

Short-term parking options (up to 5 hours)


You can park at downtown meters for the length of time specified on the meter. See this map of parking meter time limits for more information.

Parking meters are enforced 8 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday.


Most of the garages and lots listed below offer short-term as well as monthly parking spaces.