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A vanpool works somewhat like a carpool, only on a larger scale with a potentially larger savings in cost and fuel.

A vanpool is a prearranged group of five to 15 people who share a ride to and from work on a regular basis. It works best and is most cost effective for longer commutes - 20 miles and beyond – when participants live and work in approximately the same areas and work roughly the same hours.

Vehicles may be provided by a participating individual, a public or private support program, or an employer.

How it Works

Vanpool passengers pay a low monthly fare based on daily round trip mileage and the number of riders in the van. These fares cover the cost of operating the vanpool, including fuel, insurance, and maintenance. Some programs or employers help subsidize the vanpool fare, saving you even more money.

Each vanpool must have a primary driver and at least one back-up driver, as well as someone who is willing to collect the fares.

A minimum of five fare-paying passengers is required; the driver may choose to pay a fare and be included in this number. However, in most circumstances, the primary driver does not pay a fare in exchange for ensuring that the vanpool is safely operated to and from work every day.

If you’re interested in organizing a vanpool, C-TRAN can help.

The Benefits

The benefits of a vanpool are similar to those of a carpool.

  • Save money
  • Save fuel
  • Less stress
  • Less wear and tear on your own car.
  • More time to read, chat, catch up on work
  • Make new friends or get to know a coworker or neighbor even better